Precision Machine Co., Inc. 


History of Precision Machine Co., Inc. 

   The Name of the Game is Quality and

Precision Machine Co., Inc. was born out of the need for custom research equipment that existed within the University of Nebraska.  The standards of the Company were established in 1964 based on the principles of its founder, Jacob Schafer.  Having reached the status of a fine tool maker, he learned to identify and appreciate quality.  As an outcropping of his efforts to provide services for the advancement of science, an entire product line of animal and agricultural research products has evolved.

These products have achieved world wide notoriety.  To date, while it is estimated that fewer than a dozen companies world wide produce products which can be considered competitive products, the Company is the only known producer of some of its primary products.

On December 25, 1987 Jacob Schafer celebrated his 70th birthday.  This milestone, along with the desire to enjoy the coming years with his grandchildren, prompted him to initiate the buy out process among the employees. This move was motivated out of loyalty to his customers who relied on his service and also the employees who desired the opportunity of self-employment.

One of the employees who held the same lofty goals and ideals, John Buse, took over ownership on December 18, 1988 and continues today as it's president to carry out those ideals.  The distinct competency of the Company, with its people of diverse talents and aggressive nature of the work force, has and will continue to be a foundation in the business community.  Regular exposure to unique materials, and innovative techniques constantly helps sharpen the talents of the craftsmen.

The list of services and products, which has grown over the years,includes custom machining of parts made from metal and plastic primarily.  The parts may be part of an intricate new prototype, a unique research apparatus, or the more standard industrial tooling, patterns, molds, or components.  It also includes cannulae and suction strainers for all types of animals, and agricultural research equipment such as soil samplers and laboratory manifolds.  The seed research industry, including Universities all over the world, seek the Company's laboratory countertop wheat head threshers, seed packeters, seed dividers, granular applicator, leaf punch, and seed indexers with trays and lids.

Quality is one of the most crucial elements of the tool making industry. In practice, quality has precedence above all else, mistakes are readily found.  All the planning, organizing, and effort is useless if the product does not meet the prescribed level of quality.  The Company stands solidly behind the quality of work that is performed.